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Kevin Biggar Motivational Speaker


Kevin Biggar Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a professional Guest Speaker to engage, inspire and entertain an audience?

Hi, I’m Kevin Biggar. I’m a motivational speaker who presents at industry conferences and corporate events throughout Australia and New Zealand. I talk about how to take on large challenges, improve teamwork, mental toughness and about how to get the most out of yourself and your team.

You might recognise me from my adventures, rowing across the Atlantic and trekking to the South Pole. You might have seen my books on the shelves, or spotted me in my most recent role as co-presenter of TVNZ’s ‘First Crossings’ and Intrepid NZ.

I work hard to receive the highest ratings from conference goers. As your keynote speaker I make sure you get a dynamic, engaging (and slightly quirky) presentation: anecdotes that your people will remember, insights that will make you stop and think, and images that will stick in your head. No jargon, no sugary self-help double speak. Just frameworks and techniques that leave you energised and more effective in your work and life.

As your after dinner speaker I make sure that you get the fast-paced, light-hearted entertainment that is guaranteed to get your clients and staff laughing and feeling inspired.

Kevin held 300 people spell-bound at our recent leadership conference!
— Ed Sims, Air NZ

Keynotes & Workshops


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Kevin at red rocks-min.JPG

Why Choose Kevin?

Why Choose Kevin?

Why Choose Kevin?

Because you can be confident that I will deliver a presentation or workshop that will enthral and inform your audience and leave a lasting impact on your organisation.

The secret sauce is my adventures – I won the trans-Atlantic rowing race and trekked unsupported to the South Pole. Most recently I've been the co-host of TVNZ's 'First Crossings', and then 'Intrepid NZ' – tv shows about re-creating some of the epic adventures of trail-blazing pioneers in New Zealand. 

The ups and downs of preparation, the thrills and spills of the execution, the setbacks and the successes of these adventures provide plenty of gripping drama, and edge of the seat excitement. This creates a powerful learning environment and lots of fantastic 'hooks' to hang messages on. It doesn't matter if the audience are CEOs, sales people or students; they will spend their time leaning forward and taking notes or leaning back and laughing.

But I would say that wouldn't I? The real proof of the pudding is what my clients say.

What my clients say


If Google had 10 stars - I would give them to Kevin - He speaks from the heart having achieved some amazing feats of human endurance. He presents fantastic goal setting techniques that are tailored to the audience making him the best motivational speaker I have ever heard.

Keith Robieson, General Manager, Storage Box


Kevin’s presentation couldn’t have been better for us! Some of our people were aware of Kevin and his reputation so we engaged him to speak at our staff conference.  We had high expectations that were quickly exceeded by Kevin’s story-telling, humour and powerful insights that very closely attuned to our conference theme of ‘working together for success’.  

Keith Manch, Chief Executive, Maritime NZ


Kevin’s session with our sales team was the highlight of our annual sales conference. He captivated the audience with his stories of challenge, and adventure while simultaneously delivering practical applications of lessons learnt in the pursuit of audacious goals.

Mark Banbrook, Bauer Media


Kevin you delivered a passionate and highly motivating talk which completely captivated and inspired our national sales team. You spent the time prior to our conference understanding our business, and what challenges we face, and then you related this back to your own story and experience. The final morning of our conference concluded on an absolute high. Thank you for inspiring the Ballance sales team to be the best they can be, and to continue to play to win in market 

Campbell Parker, GM Sales, Ballance Agri Nutrients


Kevin was a guest speaker at a recent business event we held. His focus for our event was around change and resilience. The hour Kevin spoke to us was high energy, funny, inspiring and really relevant to all of us. Through story telling he shared techniques and strategies to face our challenges and succeed - just as relevant to an extreme adventure as they are in facing our everyday challenges and dreams. He shared how a regular person like any of us can achieve amazing things - truly inspirational and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Kevin - we were all left feeling energised and he had a great way of connecting with us, a very genuine and inspiring person.

San Holt, Carolyn Power, IRD


Kevin's presentation was a perfect fit for our organisation. Kevin’s story of the challenges and in particular how he overcame them to achieve his successes, left delegates very inspired.  Kevin’s delivery style enables the audience to apply many of the principles to their own personal or business lives. Again, many thanks Kevin!

Phil Tindle, CE, Hire Industry Association of NZ


Kevin was a keynote speaker at the annual Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce Aspire conference. Kevin's energy, enthusiasm and exceptional delivery was a fantastic addition to our conference. I would thoroughly recommend Kevin at your conference.

Michelle McCree, Events & Operations Manager, Nelson Chamber of Commerce


Kevin’s presentation was a highlight of our conference and was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the delegates. Kevin’s experiences and challenges in dealing with change, teamwork and inspiring oneself was amazing and he was able to relate those messages in a way that was relevant in our professional and private lives. Kevin delivers his presentation in an enthusiastic way that kept the audience engaged, smiling and laughing. Thank you for helping make our conference a successful one.

Doug Scott, President Central North Island Branch – NZIEH


Some of my clients include...

If you've watched 'First Crossings' or 'Intrepid NZ' then you've seen me presenting. But here's a clip of me presenting when I'm not wearing old clothes. I'm talking about how to deal with the ‘dip’ in motivation that you typically experience when in the middle of big challenges.

Here I am presenting to secondary school student leaders for Inspire NZ in July 2014. I only had 25 minutes so I'm speaking a lot faster than normal!

Like to see more? Here I am talking to a conference.


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Kickstart your corporate adventure

Kickstart your corporate adventure

To help give you a better idea of my keynotes and workshops see the boxes below. Of course the content can be mixed and matched or new content created for your specific situation. Email me or phone me (027 282 4203) to have a chat. I can normally get back to you within a few minutes.


These are punchy 45-90 minute presentations that are perfect to provide an inspirational start or end to a company retreat or industry conference. The optimal mix of entertainment and information. Full of insights and expressions that your team will be repeating back to you for months!


Fearlessly Facing Challenges 

Few things stay the same in business. Competitors get faster and smarter. Consumers want more for less. To take your organisation to the next level of performance will often require setting and achieving audacious commercial goals – from achieving dramatically raised sales targets to rapidly developing new products ... [more]


Energising and Uniting Teams

There is plenty of evidence to show that teams produce better results than individuals -  but only when a team is functioning well! Everyone has experienced the frustration, aggravation and productivity loss of being in a team that is dysfunctional. If the team dynamic is starting to turn sour it is best to address it early before problems become entrenched ... [more]


Taking Performance to the Next level

Every organisation faces times when performance plateaus, when the work force is firmly within their comfort zone. At these times what is needed is a bit of a circuit breaker, something to knock the problems and challenges back into perspective, something to get people excited about how much more there is to achieve. This presentation provides the steps for how to breakthrough the plateaus and get the mindset to achieve even more ... [more]

Mental Toughness / Resilience  (Keynote)

Nothing worthwhile is easy, particularly in highly competitive markets. Setbacks happen frequently, whether they come through external shocks or through shortcomings of the individual. Perseverance is essential. In many areas of life the single most important factor for success is mental toughness or ‘resilience’ – the ability to bounce back after shocks and setbacks ... [more]


When you're looking to make a lasting impact on your team, and empower them with powerful tools and concepts that will significantly boost their performance.


Break through - Workshop

When it comes to change people have inertia. The tendency for people to stay inside their comfort zone is strong and external rewards and punishments only go so far.

This intensive half day workshop identifies and confronts the internal road blocks to achieving audacious goals. It provides your team with a set of tools and insights to help them become emotionally connected to their challenge and make a step change in performance ...[more]


Mental Toughness / Resilience Workshop

This is the workshop version of the Mental Toughness. 

If you want to innoculate your team against setbacks and provide them with a tool to maintain their momentum and persevere through adversity then this is the workshop for you.

The key concepts and techniques in this workshop can be challenging. While they can be introduced in a keynote, a half day workshop allows a chance for them to be digested, practised and embedded. ...[more]


After Dinner Speech Kevin Biggar

Your Reality TV Show

Most TV these days is Reality TV, and the latest trend is to take an occupation and turn it into a show. If you're a lifesaver you've got Piha Rescue. If you're a vet you've got 'Vet Tales'. If you're a housewife you've got 'Real Housewives'. If you're single you've got 'The Bachelor' and if you think you've got talent you've got 'NZ's Got Talent'. They're coming for you next!

In this action-packed presentation I prepare the audience for their career in front of the camera by taking them behind the scenes of the filming of 'First Crossings' and 'Intrepid NZ'. You'll learn how to come up with a format for your show and how much 'Man vs Wild' has in common with 'Dating Naked'. I'll explain how you sometimes need to give reality a helping hand...[more]